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Oh. This place is really great. This is something that you would enjoy especially if you have kids. The facilities here are superb and it will keep you coming back for more. In fact, we have been coming to this place for many years now. Through all those times, our kids can never be happier. It is them who even insist on this place as our travel destination year after year. They look forward to this that they have even been crossing out the dates in their mini calendars. Truly, they cannot wait to be here whenever possible.


We celebrated the birthday of my daughter here at Jellystone Park. So far, we were not disappointed. The people are very accommodating and they truly made our celebration really special. The rates they charge are very reasonable too. With the amenities available for those who will choose to rent a place on their pavilion, I dare say they charge even cheaper compared to other venues. They have lots of FREEBIES too. Plus, they even made an effort in the decorations. Super love this place.


This is a good vacation place for the whole family. You should try this at least once. The ambiance alone is superb. More so, the little pool they have here and other amenities. We played the miniature golf course and the kids loved it. That alone is enough for us to keep coming back here. The campsite is really great too especially with the presence of the fire pit. I am no girl scout so I am simply happy that the people here helped us throughout the stay. They kept themselves as scarce as possible for our privacy but one call and they are there already to assist us. This place is really run by a good set of team and staff. I encourage you to come here soon.1 / 1