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Replacing Your Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs will break down due to few reasons but one of the repeat offenders that I observed most often is frequent usage of garage door and negligence of garage door maintenance. The garage door springs are used to counterbalance the 300 to 400 pounds weight of the garage door to allow it to be moved smoothly but unfortunately, the weight of the garage door does impose pressure on the springs and causes them to eventually break. It is practical that you get your springs replaced as fast as possible because it will cause big trouble that you don’t want to deal with. It is highly advisable that hire professional garage door services like Garage Door Repair New Haven CT to replace the broken garage door springs because it is a dangerous process that can give you serious injuries.

The life cycle of torsion springs:

The life of garage door springs is normally rated in “cycles” which means how many times the springs will be ideal to use before they break. A heavy-duty spring can last for 30,000 cycles or more depending on certain conditions. According to experts, if you have a properly maintained garage door that is opened and closed about 6 times a day, can expect to serve 11 years of operation before its springs break.

Types of garage door springs:

There are two common types of garage door springs, one is torsion springs and the other is extension springs system. A garage door installed with a torsion springs system normally has one large spring mounted at the top of the garage door along with a spindle running through it. The torsion spring clamps down or uncoils on the spindle during the opening and closing operation of the garage door. These springs generate and release tension to lift and lower the garage door smoothly. A garage door installed with extension springs has springs placed on either side of the garage door which stretch out and bounce back when the garage door opens or closes.

Garage door spring repair and replacement:

 You may be thinking how do I know if my springs need repair or replacement and what do I do to handle them? There are some potential telltales about the garage door spring replacement which include the electric opener refuses to lift the garage door, you heard loud sounds or grinding noises during opening and closing operations, and the garage door is hanging to one side. Inspect your garage door thoroughly, if you are in need of garage door spring replacement, I strongly advised that consult a professional, experienced, licensed, and reliable contractor.

The torsion springs are under extreme pressure which needs to be handled properly to prevent turning the springs back if they break down. Additionally, the weighted garage door needs to be balanced properly while replacing springs to prevent additional damages to the garage door opener or other hardware.